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Medical and Health Sciences (MAHS)


Pathway Mission

Roosevelt’s High School’s Medical and Health Sciences Pathway program is designed to provide students interested in entering the health care field with various opportunities throughout their high school career.  Students learn about the medical field through a variety of courses such as First Responder, Biology, Medical-core and more. These courses not only provide students with valuable information but also provide hands-on experience to maximize and deepen their understanding of the medical field. 


Roosevelt’s Medical and Health Science Pathway is dedicated to creating a culture where students identify, select and pursue career pathways and develop necessary skills that lead to post-secondary career and/or college opportunities.

  LAKHBIR BAMOTRA ex: 620 Teacher
  Ross Botuyan ex: 488 Teacher
  Danielle Bulante Teacher
  JAVIER CARBAJAL ex: 6604 Teacher
  SHANG YU CHEN ex: 282 Teacher
  Rosie D'Amato ex: 6520 Staff
  Sergio Dacaret ex: 616 Teacher
  Anh Do Teacher
  Mayra Duarte Teacher
  Eduardo Flores ex: 6600 Staff
  Johanna Garcia Staff
  RODRIGO GARCIA ex: 297 Teacher
  Arturo Ibarra ex: 6593 Staff
  Virginia Lopez Teacher
  Cesar Martinez Teacher
  Thomas McDonald Teacher
  Spencer Mills Teacher
  Lori Nething Teacher
  Berenice Ochoa Teacher
  ALDO PARRAL ex: 494 Teacher
  DAVID PEREA ex: 6604 Teacher
  CRYSTAL POWELL (323) 780-6628 ex: 6628 Assistant Principal
  Rekha Prakash Teacher
  Jose Reinozo Teacher
  Alexa Rodriguez Teacher
  Gillian Russom Teacher
  MARTHA VARGAS ex: 404 Teacher
  ROSA VELASCO ex: 447 Teacher
  Rebecca Wallhauser Teacher
  Irineo Yanez Teacher

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