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Counseling Office

Roosevelt School Counselors

Roosevelt High School's Academic Counselors


Grade 9

Eduardo Flores is the Counselor for the 9th Grade Rider Academy.


Grades 10-12

Vera Cline is the Counselor for the Law and Public Service Pathway

Rose Marie D'Amato is the Counselor for the Medical and Health Science Pathway

Hector Hernandez is the Counselor for the STEAM Pathway


School Counseling Program Mission Statement

The school counseling team at Roosevelt High School empowers students to discover their full potential and inspires a passion for learning through a comprehensive school counseling program, which provides all students with equitable academic, career and college, social and emotional support in collaboration with all stakeholders.


School Counseling Program Goals

The School Counseling Program will focus on the following achievement, attendance, behavior and/or school safety goals this year. Details of activities promoting these goals are found in the grade level classroom presentation and /or curriculum, small-group and Counseling action plans. 

Contact Vera Cline  Vera Cline ex: 6571 Staff
Contact Rosie D'Amato  Rosie D'Amato ex: 6520 Staff
Contact Eduardo Flores  Eduardo Flores ex: 6600 Staff
Contact Hector Hernandez  Hector Hernandez Staff