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Overview College and Career Programs

Programs and Opportunities


VOA - Upward Bound

Upward Bound provides fundamental support to participants in their preparation for college entrance. The program provides opportunities for participants to succeed in their precollege performance and ultimately in their higher education pursuits. Upward Bound serves: high school students from low-income families; and high school students from families in which neither parent holds a bachelor's degree. The goal of Upward Bound is to increase the rate at which participants complete secondary education and enroll in and graduate from institutions of postsecondary education.

Upward Bound

Fore more info, click on the VOA-Upward bound link on the left.  



TELACU - Talent Search & Upward Bound

Telacu Education Foundation’s College Readiness Program exposes our middle and high school Scholars to the dynamic career opportunities available in the fields of STEM and business. Our team provides our young people the academic support and guidance required for them to succeed in these rigorous disciplines.

Telacu Education Foundation



UCLA - Early Academic Opportunity Program

The Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) is an academic preparation program established in 1976 by the University of California to expand postsecondary education opportunities for California's educationally disadvantaged students. UCLA EAOP works with students to help them become competitively eligible applicants for college admission, going beyond minimum eligibility. EAOP works collaboratively with families, educators, schools, communities, and various campus departments to provide pre-college students with challenging academic enrichment activities to promote and cultivate a college-going culture.



AltaMed - Escalera Program

AltaMed’s Escalera Program enables at-risk high school students to graduate, plan their future, and place higher education within reach. The program supports students in achieving personal, academic and professional success.

Alta Med



The I AM Program

The I AM Program is an initiative devoted to creating a sustainable future for all through the personal empowerment of children.

The I AM Program has developed a wide selection of unique, interactive, emotional intelligence workshops and lesson plans for children and adults from 3yrs onwards.

The I AM Program workshops and lesson plans have been simply designed so as to be easily adapted to suit specific community and cultural needs

The I AM Program



College Track

Partnering with’s Foundation, The California Endowment, and the Wasserman Foundation, College Track provides students the resources they need to get into and graduate from college. College Track is teaching students skills in arts and digital media while guiding students toward the emerging careers of tomorrow in science, technology, engineering, and math. Led by Site Director Silvestre Vallejo, the students of Boyle Heights are leading a community where college is the expectation, not the exception.

College Track



Other Support Programs

826 LA

826LA provides a variety of free programming for student’s ages 6–18, designed to challenge and enchant while strengthening writing skills. Read on for an overview of our programs. During the school year, we dispatch teams of volunteers into local high-need public schools to support teachers and provide one-on-one assistance to students on writing projects. Students and volunteers work together to generate ideas, revise essays, or create elaborate story lines and characters.

826 LA



College Summit

Annually serving 36,000 students in 9th through 12th grade, College Summit is the nation’s largest nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of low-income youth by connecting them to college and career.  College Summit uses peer leadership, custom curricula, real-time student performance data and technology to help get these high school students from low-income communities to and through college.

College Summit



Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks to change the lives of children facing adversity for the better, forever. We operate in communities all across the United States - urban and rural… Big and Little. Our mentors work with children in the community, in their schools, on military bases, and many places in between. Big Brothers Big Sisters is not your typical organization. We help children realize their potential and build their futures. We nurture children and strengthen communities.

Big Brothers Big Sisters


ROP Courses

Alva Lee, ROP Principal

In cooperation with twenty-three school districts, LACOROP determines and meets both the career objectives of students and the labor market needs in Los Angeles County. District steering committee representatives provide direction for LACOROP programs operated within their schools. LACOROP also works with private post-secondary schools, community college districts, labor organizations, and employment agencies to help us deliver our mission.


East Los Angeles College Courses

Julie Benavides, Office of Off-Site Education and Outreach

ELAC provides college courses to high school students during and after school. These classes give a chance for high school student to get high school credits and college units. They challenge the minds of students and expose them to a college environment.

Some of the classes that are offered are : Logistics 103, Administration of Justice,  Spanish, Health, Intro to Engineering, Engineering Graphic Design, phycology,  Child Development and Photography.

Applications are available at the college corner at the start of both Fall and Spring Semesters.


Military Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps provides an alternative for students who want a career in the Armed Forces. Recruiters come to the college corner and explain to students who are interested what their options are once they are enrolled.


Cash for College

Cash for College is a financial aid workshop sponsored by the California Student Aid Commission. Students and families attend workshops and receive help filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Dream Act for undocumented students and the Cal grant GPA Verification for required for Cal Grants.


Work Incentive Act (WIA) Program

Maggie Gonzalez, LACOE

Students Theodore Roosevelt High School are selected to be part of this program in which they are able to be part of different internships and get paid for the work they due. Here at Roosevelt students who are college peer counselors are rewarded by the extensive work they do depending on the amount of hours they spend helping their peers apply for colleges and assist other students in any needs.


College Zoom

Students are selected to be part of this program provided by University of Southern California. This program grants the student’s access to the CZ Tutorial Suite, an innovative web-base series of smart tutorials that guide your child, step-by-step, in completing the written portion of his/her college application.


Jose Huizar Scholarship

Los Angeles City Councilmember Jose Huizar offers a $500 scholarship to outstanding Roosevelt and Garfield High School seniors who are college-bound. This year each student’s scholarship was doubled and received $1000 each. They are awarded during the East Los Angeles football classic half time show.


Local Scholarships

Local Scholarships ensure that every single senior is rewarded by their effort they put in their four years of their High School career. Applications come out the third week of January and are available at the college corner for each senior to pick up. Every student who submits an application WILL RECEIVE A SCHOLARSHIP. Deadline to submit is towards the end of February.