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Student Store staff:

Student Store Manager: Mr. John Ramos

Student Store Assistant: Ms. Estefani Lopez

Student Store hours: 7am-4pm, Monday-Friday

Student Store phone number: (323) 780-6539


Roosevelt HS Student Store

Roosevelt HS Student Body PayPal

Hello Roosevelt High School Student Body,


Your new link to receive money is PayPal.Me/RooseveltHighSchool

It's an easy, personal, and secure way to collect money. Whenever you need to collect money from family or friends, type or paste your PayPal.Me link into an email, chat, or post, and you're ready to be paid. Friends or family can click the link on any device, enter an amount, and they're done. The money is sent to you.


Like any PayPal transaction, the connection is secure. You - and your friends or family members - will receive an email receipt. And if your friend or family member isn't a PayPal customer, they can sign up in seconds.


The next time you need to collect money, just remember your unique link to be paid. For more information, go to