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Armand Jewell (W'28) Judge of Los Angeles Municipal Court As attorney, argued cases before California and United States Supreme Courts


Samuel Greenfield (W'30) Judge of Los Angeles Superior Court


Maurice Leader (S'31) Judge of Los Angeles Superior Court


Julius (Teitelbaum) Title (W'33) Judge of Los Angeles Superior Court


Fred Okrand (S'33) Chief Counsel, Southern California ACLU Special Prosecutor in Pasadena Unified School Dist. integration case Defense Attorney for Sirhan Sirhan in Robert Kennedy murder case


Hyman Bindman (S'34) Principal Auditor, State Board of Equalization


Helen (Brandt) Kennedy (S'34) Mayor of San Gabriel


Ed Roybal (S'34) Los Angeles City Councilman U.S. House of Representatives


Julio V. Gonzales (W'35) California Youth Authority & U.S. Marshall


Herschel Rosenthal (W'36) California State Assemblyman (45th District)


Leonard Panish (S'37) Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters


Paul T. Bannai (S'38) California State Assemblyman (53rd District) First Japanese-American ever elected to California State Legislature


Lenora (Lillian Block) Young (W'39) Merced City Councilwoman. Coordinator, Merced County Regional Occupational Program


Harry Pregerson (W'41) United States Federal District Judge Presided over suit against the National Football League


Gershon (Lifshitz) Lewis (S'42) Vice-Mayor of Monterey Park


Harry Yamamoto (S’42) City Councilman of Santa Ana. First Japanese-American ever elected to Council of City of Santa Ana


Richard Tafoya (W'43) Mayor of Montebello


Matthew Martinez (S’47) California State Assemblymen, US House of Representatives 30th district.


Eddie Galindo (W’50) Supervisor Criminal records. LA Municipal Courts. Helped draft state laws pertaining to paternity suits.


Hal Bernson (W’48) Los Angeles City Councilman


Robert Behar (W’52) Assistant District Attorney for Simi Valley


Daniel Arguello (S’65) Mayor of Alhambra


Gilbert Cedillo (’72) California State Assemblymen.


Antonio Villarigosa (’71) California State Assemblymen. Ran for Mayor of LA, losing in a tight campaign to Mayor Hahn.