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Elliot Shee (W'30) Administrator. Field Director, American Red Cross Camp, Camp Pendleton


Dr. Eugene Kampaniez (W'3) Surgeon at Olive View San Sanitarium.


Eugene Borax (S'36) Geologist. Geologist at Union Carbide and Vice-President, MOBWINC


Dr. Hyman Swerdlow (W'40) Proctologist Treated Elizabeth Taylor and other stars


Dr. Fumio "Robert" Naka (S'40) Administrator. Under-Secretary of Space System, United States Air Force (1969-73) Director of Detection Instrumentation, Raytheon Corporation.


Dr. Max Negri (S'43) Orthopedic Surgeon. Developed back pain treatment


Max Fine (S'43) Administrator Executive Director, Committee on National Health


Percy Solotoy (S'46) Administrator. President, City-of-Hope


Dr. George Santisteban (’36) Professor. Taught Anatomy & Biology at USC, while also doing research on the heart. He helped pioneer the relationship between alcohol and heart disease, and was active in a conference/study program in Sweden, which ultimately lead to research in DNA.


Dr. Erma Benitez (S’66) Plastic Surgeon. Practices in the Wilshire District.


Dr. Eric Baldarama (S’66) General practice in the San Fernando Valley.