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David Fox (S'27) Campaign Chairman, United Jewish Welfare Fund


Elliot Shee (W'30) Field Director, American National Red Cross Camp


Theodore Feder (S'31) Director General, Joint Distribution Comm. (Geneva)


Joseph Kaplan (S'31) Executive Director, National Safety Council. White House Consultant on Traffic Safety


Jack Kaiser (W'32) Head of East LA/Monterey Park, United Jewish Welfare


Harold (Wilensky) Williams (S'32) Political Activist in "Common Cause"


Monica (Stewart) Medina (W'42) Official in Office of Urban Affairs


Percy Solotoy (S'42) President, City of Hope


Dorothy Handler (W'43) Director, Women's Conference of Jewish Federations


Richard Tafoya (W'43) Exec. Dir., East LA Youth Training & Employment


Max Fine (S'43) Executive Director, Committee on National Health


Armando Lawrence (S'43) Senior Administrator, Los Angeles Model Cities


David Bourbon (S'45) Peace Corps Director, Panama


Ilene (Rosen) Olansky (S'48) Pres. for Calif., National Jewish Council for Women


Calman Block (S'42) President, Tierra del Sol for retarded


Richard Pacheco (W'57) Exec. Dir., Fast LA Community Health Foundation


Daniel Hernandez (S’64) Exec. Director Hollenbeck Youth Center. Co-Founder of Inner-City Games