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Alex Kahn (’25) Journalist. Famed reporter for International News Service & United Press International.


Louis Lackman (W’26) Fiction writer. Wrote Stage play “the Jolt” (1929) which was later turned into a novel.


Stanley J. (Rosenberg) Rose (W’36) Publisher. Published the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle


John De La Vega (S’34) Journalist. Sports reporter for the Los Angeles Times 1940’s & ‘50’s.


Herb Klein (W'35) Editor/Press Secretary/Executive Editor of the San Diego Union (1950-1949)

Director of Communications for the Nixon White House (1969-1973)

Vice President of Metromedia Inc. (1976- )


Harriet (Shapiro) Rochlin (W'42) Non-fiction Writer Author of historical work "Pioneer Jews"


Trude B. Feldman (S'42) Journalist. Reporter for United Features Syndicate & Women's News Service Writer, McCall's Magazine. As White House Reporter, published ground-breaking interviews with Betty b 'Gerald Ford as well as Roslynn & Jimmy Carter


Shirley Firestone (S'42) Columnist. Writes Restaurant column for several west-side Los Angeles periodicals


Dr. Leo Buscaglia (W'42) Author and Lecturer nationally known writer and speaker on personal relationships authored several publication and interviewed frequently on the subject of "Love". Author of 10 best sellers.


Ruthe (Busch) Gluckson (W'48) Professor & Lecturer. Lectured and taught at UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine and UC Riverside Author of the inter-personal communications book "Fighting Fair"


Joe Montes (W'49) Executive Manager, Community Relations, KNXT (Channel 2) Television


Miriam (Feldman) Landau (S'50) Psychologist. Author of many publications and articles in the field of psychology


Ruth (Gurwitz) Green (W'50) Non-fiction Writer. Author of "You, Your Job and Change" (Oxford Press)